Brisa Care

Innovation and Health

Focusing on innovation and well-being, Brisa Care has been specially designed with the aim of helping to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

They are PU laminates carefully developed for use in hospitals and health environments. Since the prevention of pressure injuries, infection control, mobility and hospitality, we have the ideal solution for each application.

Brisa Care is an innovative solution for people’s well-being.

Main Properties

Prevention of pressure

Its elastic structure and soft touch provide efficient distribution of body pressure adjusting to its contour without folds or protrusions, in addition to reducing friction with the skin. These factors provide greater comfort to the patient and are determinant in the prevention of pressure injuries.

Durability and prevention of infections

It has a fully waterproof surface that prevents the penetration of fluids inside the mattress, thus avoiding the risk of contamination and increasing its service life.
In addition, it has a special treatment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and allows its hygiene with alcohol and other product disinfectants.

Better microclimate and greater comfort

Its formulation has been specially developed to allow maximum moisture vapor permeability and perfect temperature management between the patient and the
This significantly reduces sweat accumulation by increasing patient comfort and minimizing risk to develop pressure injuries.

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