Brisa Wear

Far Beyond Trends

Brisa Wear represents the opportunity to push the boundaries of creation and explore all possibilities.

Brisa is synonymous with quality and innovation. Its products combine concept with functionality and translate the search continues for perfection in every detail without losing focus on its most valuable asset, the customer.

In each collection we are committed to the incessant search for excellence translated into products and technologies that go beyond trends.

Inspire and transform through colors and textures for those who dare to challenge conventions through experimentation.

Ecowear No Limits

It translates through textures and colors an incessant search for new perspectives.

Free from limitations, Ecowear combines concept and functionality through its innovative structure that goes beyond trends.

Its flexible, lightweight and delicate structure gives it unlimited applications to overcome the limits of the common.

Innovation and Sustainability

New concept, Infinite possibilities

Ecowear is an alternative line to leather developed from polyurethane.

He is committed to breaking paradigms and pushing the boundaries by creating a new concept.

Produce amazing, sustainable and unused products of animal skins.


Technological Fabrics

Ecowear blends fashion with technology and the result of this combination are products that express the latest trends with functionality

Goes beyond the Limits of the Common

Ecowear accompanies your creativity allowing you to abuse in applications


Main Care

Some care that helps preserve Ecowear and increase its service life.