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Ecoline Sustainable

Brisa is recognized for its high quality in the manufacture of synthetic PU laminates, adding functionality, durability and design in the different segments where it operates.

There are years of research and development so long in the search for the perfect combination of innovation and more sustainable technologies, with the object of adding value to its partners.

With this concept, ecoline bis technology emerges. A line of sustainable liners that meet the highest levels of performance, providing health to the feet and contributing to our environment.

Inside Ecoline

Ecoline, unlike most linings on the market made from polyester fibers that do not have absorption characteristics, is made from Viscose fiber which, in addition to being highly hydroscopic, comes from renewable sources.

Thus, we can say that in addition to having high absorption levels in accordance with the SATRA reference values, Ecoline is a more ecological product.

Peso PU
130 g/m2 = 48%
Peso PU
130 g/m2 = 48%
Peso Viscose(hidroscópio)
140 g/m2 = 52%
Peso Viscose(não hidroscópico)
140 g/m2 = 52%
Peso Total
270 g/m2
Peso Total
270 g/m2

Foto microscópica do corte
transversal do Ecoline


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