In 1989, when it appeared in the city of Simões Filho/BA, it was already defined what would be the role of the Brazilian Brisa in the market: to operate responsibly and with an innovative mentality in all stages of the production of polyurethane laminates.

The bold positioning was decisive already in the construction project of the industrial plant. With more than 13,000 square meters, near Salvador International Airport, the complex optimizes logistics and can produce 10 million meters of polyurethane laminates annually. It is one of the most modern structures in Latin America.


Being Future in the present

Presenting alternatives that incorporate new features and cause low impact to the environment is the thinking that guides us. Innovating, in Brisa, is to do more and better, with less.

By investing in continuous growth and good management practices, we have been able to develop disruptive technologies and processes to create solutions and products that serve the various sectors of society, providing growth for the company and its shareholders.


End to end

Brisa’s production process uses cleaner and more responsible methods for the environment. 97% of the solvents used in production are recovered, reprocessed through a distillation plant and reused, forming a virtually closed circuit.

Solvent Recovery

Produce without destroying

The production process obeys cleaner methods with environmental concern. 97% of the solvents used in production are recovered, reprocessed through a distillation plant and reused forming a virtually closed circuit.

In addition, the entire area where the solvent is stored has a containment basin in order to avoid soil contamination due to some accidental leakage.

Technological Nucleus

Portal to new times

The future and innovation are absolutely connected here. From a modern development laboratory in the Bahia plant and two other advanced research centers in Italy and Asia, a team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to the study of new trends and technologies.

Develop products and services with a look in the future. Innovative solutions that add functionality and provide low impact on the environment.

Quality Control Laboratory

End-to-end quality

Quality is a topic taken very seriously in Brisa. For this the company has an equipped physical testing laboratory SATRA, dedicated to quality control since the design of the products.

We are committed to controlling and testing 100% of the batches produced, reducing the likelihood of non-conformities leaving the company.

Commercial Management

Applied intelligence

Intexco is responsible for the commercial management of Brisa. It defines trade strategies and policies and the management of distribution channels. Among its
activities are the prospection and management of markets and customers, as well as the definition of plans for the achievement of the established goals.

With its own team of salespeople, commercial representatives and technicians specialized in each segment, Intexco values the excellence of its services and commercial solutions, always focusing on the customer and their needs.

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